Hanole Guest House is more than a Hotel

Hanole Guest House is a 5-room boutique hotel located on the historic streets of Ayvalik, the pearl of the North Aegean. The historical Greek house, built in the 1900s, has taken its current form by starting a meticulous restoration process in accordance with the original in 2016 and ending in 2022. Hanole, which takes sustainable living in its center and combines history and modernity and crowns it with comfort, opened its doors to its valued guests on May 19, 2023. It is ready to embrace its guests with warmth in the historical texture of Ayvalik. All kinds of modern facilities are available in the rooms, considering comfort and tranquility. Offering a combination of history and comfort, Hanole promises an unforgettable experience to its guests with its rich breakfast consisting of the freshest and most natural products consisting of the local and Aegean taste. Located on the back street of Seytanin Kahvesi one of the symbols of Ayvalik, Hanole sits above the most vibrant destinations of cultural tourism. Grand Bazaar (Thursday Bazaar), Saatli and Cinarli Mosque, Taksiyarhis Memorial Museum, Lesbos Ferry Port, taverns and restaurants. Cunda Island, Sarımsaklı and Badavut beaches are 15 minutes away, Balıkesir Edremit Koca Seyit Airport is 35 minutes away.  You can start the day with a rich breakfast consisting of natural and homemade products, visit the cultural texture and continue at one of the beaches in the region, and finish the rest of the day by relaxing in the calm and tranquility of Hanole. Our boutique hotel, which will be open all year round, is experiencing the excitement of meeting its guests who are not you.

Ayvalik, the pearl of the Northern Aegean, has got a warm new place. Hanole Guest House, which focuses on sustainable living and comfort, welcomes its guests with the excitement of the first day. If your route passes through Ayvalik among your holiday plans this summer, you May encounter a new hotel: Hanole Guest House… Hanole, which set out to offer a new living space and accommodation service in the historical atmosphere, opened its doors on May 2023 and began to welcome its first guests. The boutique hotel, which is located within walking distance from the center of Ayvalik, sits on the most lively destinations of cultural tourism. the opening of the doors of the historical building, which has been standing for more than 100 years, built at the beginning of the 20th century, under the name of Hanole after a 6-year restoration process, brings both history and travel side by side and offers a new generation holiday concept to the service. The 5-room boutique hotel, which will remain open all year round.

Sustainability is the Most Prominent Feature of Hanole
Hande Harmandalı, one of the founders of Hanole, who stands out for taking responsibilities for a sustainable world to the center, said about the subject; “From the moment we decided to open our doors, we said that we would try to fulfill our responsibilities for a sustainable world as much as possible. We know that we are not perfect, but we intend to get better. We care about renewable energy sources and use solar energy in our facility. We keep the use of plastic to a minimum as much as possible. We are aware that pet bottle is one of the materials that disappear for the longest time in nature, and for this reason we definitely do not give water to our guests in pet bottle; we use glass bottle and glass straw.  We support both nature and their budgets by providing coffee treats to our guests who support water consumption like us, in case they don’t want towel cleaning that day. We take care not to use packaged food. We are also in cooperation with local producers to support. We do not prefer disposable shampoo, shower gel and conditioner in plastic bottles. We supply the products in large glass bottles in the bathroom of each room.Jul. Another sensitive issue is that we do not use foot towels; we use wood and pay maximum attention to hygiene.” she expresses her thoughts.

Products From the Field Meet At The Table
Another noteworthy aspect of Hanole is that it supports local producers with its special breakfast menu offered from field to table. Regarding the menu consisting of clean food and homemade products, Oleg Ermuraki, one of the founders, said, “We are trying to bring products such as fruits and vegetables from the field to the table. Jul. Our jams are homemade. In Jul jams that are not our own production, we tried to find a place that makes a really clean production. We are buying rose jam made from roses in his garden, we will buy black mulberry jam made with fruit from the black mulberry tree in his garden again. As much jam as the tree offers us, we will use what is available. if there are 3 jars, there are not that many more. We do not use doped delicatessen products, but we have natural butcher sausages produced from where we know. The olive oil we use is from our own olive grove located in Aydın Söke …” The founders of Hanole, the pearl of the North Aegean, the new place of Ayvalık, famous for its climate, nature, local resources and holiday locations, say that they are the biggest goals of trying to make their guests feel at home, peaceful and happy. “due to the fact that we have 5 rooms, we can take care of each guest with the same care, we strive to provide personalized service. With our longing for nature, we have built a caravan, and it is included in the Hanole family, we provide services in the form of 5 + 1,”Hande-Oleg couple, who stated their thoughts, is waiting for their visitors to Ayvalık in order to serve a new holiday concept.

Why Hanole?

1. Sustainability

Hanole Guest House is designed with the protection of natural resources, energy efficiency, waste reduction, the use of environmentally friendly materials and human health in mind.. At the same time, it is planned to meet the needs of society.

2. Natural Local Breakfast

Our breakfast is prepared using traditional foods and natural ingredients of the local region. The Hanole breakfast aims to promote environmental sustainability and support local communities.

3. Historical Spirit

anole’s building is a preserved structure without significant changes or interventions over time. Our building is a part of the cultural heritage of Ayvalık.

4. Accessible Prices

Hanole follows an accessible pricing policy. Thus, many individuals of the society do not financially shake their budgets during their stay in Hanole.